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  • 1000 Gas Measurement
  • 1000 Gas Measurement

    1010 Basics of High Pressure Measuring and Regulating Station Design

    1040 Compressibility of Natural Gas

    1050 Coping with Changing Flow Requirements at Existing Meter Stations

    1060 Design of Distribution Metering and Regulating Stations

    1070 Determination of Leakage and Unaccounted for Gas

    1090 Effects and Control of Pulsation in Gas Measurement

    1100 Effects of Abnormal Conditions on Accuracy of Orifice Measurement

    1101 Effects of Abnormal Conditions on Accuracy of Orifice Measurement (Repeat Class)

    1140 Fundamentals of Gas Measurement I

    1150 Fundamentals of Gas Measurement II

    1160 Fundamentals of Gas Measurement III

    1170 Fundamentals of Gas Turbine Meters

    1190 Installation and Operation Errors in Gas Measurement

    1195 Low Pressure Gas Measurement

    1200 Mass Meters for Gas Measurement

    1210 Measurement Station Inspection Documentation Program and Guide

    1250 Orifice Fittings and Meter Tubes

    1270 Orifice Meters - Operation and Maintenance

    1310 Thermometry in Gas Measurement

    1320 Wet Gas Measurement

    1330 Flow Conditioning for Fluid Flow Measurement

    1340 Contaminant Accumulation Effect on Gas Ultrasonic Flow Meters

    1351 Impact of Federal and State Air Permitting Regulations on Measurement

    1355 Measurement and Regulation Operation of a LDC

    1360 Flare Measurement Using Advanced Ultrasonic Technology

    1380 New Differential Meters in Natural Gas

    1390 Effects of Atmospheric Pressure on Gas Measurement

    1400 Gas Ultrasonic Diagnostics

    1420 Condition-Based Monitoring of Natural Gas Ultrasonic Measurement Facilities

    1430 Thermal Mass Flow Meters for Greenhouse Gas Measurement

    1440 Meter Factor Transferability for Coriolis Mass Flow Meters